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Wana Mandhira Foundation


Wana Mandhira Foundation is a community-based, non-governmental, non-profit and independent organization that focuses on environmental and natural resource management and advocacy. It was established by indigenous youth people in the village of Kaliurang on July 10, 1998 in response to global and local environmental degradation due to the rapid growth of tourism, mass development, and policy which neglected environment sustainability and indigenous people rights in Yogyakarta Province
We believe that the environment can be wisely conserved by raising indigenous people empowerment, building international awareness, promoting sustainable low impact human activities, and by lobbying levels of government and corporate to establish democratic environmental governance.


Raised environmental awareness of stakeholders and engaging conservation practice which respecting indigenous people rights


Promote awareness and practicing environmental and natural resources conservation through participatory management and community-based advocacy

Strategic Objective
-To help people to understand the impacts of human activities on the environment and to
-To strengthening people awareness and power to defend their rights and conserve the environment
-To take responsibility to be genuinely care about the environment
-To provide people with the capacity and information to advocate to resolve environmental problems and protect their rights

· Provide public advocacy on environmental issues in local, national, and international level.
· Empowering people through strengthening their capacities and capabilities to protect and defend their rights
· Design and implement environmental advocacy programs
· Provide capacity building for communities
· Participate in environmental and advocacy networking groups

Organizational Structure

Board Members:
Prof. Sarwidi, MSCE, Ph.D
Ir. Ismu Jayono
Drs. Agus Tarub
Mimin Dwi Hartono, SE

Executives board:
Co-ordinator: Purno Prabowo, ST
Secretariat : Wiwik, ST
Treasurer : Seni Triwini, SH
Anggara Daniawan, SE
Banu Murtoyo
Krido Siswanto
Mira Asriningtyas
Eko Budi N, ST
Ivan Taufik

Advocacy Program
· Transform community environmental conflict
· Provided advocacy on public environmental policy at the regional level and national level
· Advocacy to against Mount Merapi National Park Project, 2001-present
· Advocacy against lava canal and dams of JBIC project in Mount Merapi, 2003-present
· Water sheds and environmental services campaign

Capacity Building Program
· Participating in International Training “Managing Conflict in Forest Resources Management” November 5-20, 2001 at RECOFTC Thailand
· Participating in International Conferences on Community-based Natural Resources Management, Philippine Nov 25-28, 2001.
· Hosted Work Placement Volunteer for CCI (Canadian Crossroads International), 2001
· SEACA (South-east Asian Committee on Advocacy) capacity building project, 2001-present
· Participated in Advocacy Strategy Development Internship Program by SEACA/IPD, Philippine February 2004.
Networking Program
· Developed Agro-forestry Projects with ICRAF-SEA/Winrock, 2001-2002
· Hosting SPARK study tour on water resources conflict management, March 2004.
· Hosting study tour for Mountain Forum and ICIMOD-Nepal in Kaliurang, August 2004
· Participated at 2nd Asian Civil Society Forum, November 2004, Bangkok.
· Participated at Preparatory Meeting for Global Civil Society Forum, UNEP-CONGO, Bangkok, November 2004.
· Participated at SEA Civil society on MDG’s, Bangkok, Nov 2004.
· Participated at the Fourth ASEAN People Assembly, ASEAN-ISIS, May 2005.
· Invited person for Informal Interactive Hearings for NGOs and CSOs of General Assembly, UNITED NATIONS, New York, 23-24 June 2005.
· Observer at Asian Pacific Ministerial Meeting on MDGs, Jakarta 1-5 August 2005.
· Participated at CSO Engagement in ASEAN, Bangkok, 3-5 Oct 2005

Fund Raising Program
· Developing environmentally sensitive tourism/ecotourism
· Provide environmental education
Facilitator of Training/Workshop
· Training for NGO Management (with Walhi)
· Training for Small Scale Business Management (with USC– Satunama)
· Training on Agro forestry in Nursery Establishment (with ICRAF SEA / Winrock)
· National Seminar on Conflict Resolution (with Center for Environmental Studies, UII)
· Training of Trainers on community based conflict resolution (with SEACA, Yogyakarta)
· Workshop on Merapi Management and Conservation, (iwith Kompas Daily Newspaper)
· Provide training on Collaborative Conflict Management in Forest Resource (with SCKPFP European Union)
· Workshop on Mountain Ecosystem Development and Management, (with Mountain Forum-Nepal),
· Facilitator of Workshop on WTO Impact for Cambodia Farmer, Phnom Penh, 23-24 December 2004

· SEACA (SEA Committee for Advocacy)
· International River Network
· Indonesia Forum on Environment
· Yogyakarta Forum of NGO’s
· Indonesia Environmental Education Network
· International Network on Forest and Communities
· Forest, Trees and People Network
· Earth Day Network
· Mountain Forum
· Anti DAM International Network
· United Nations-NGLS, etc

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